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A look in our museum is definitely worthwhile it!

A look in our museum is definitely worthwhile it!


The Old-timer Museum Staalduinen has been founded on 9 December 2005 with the following goals in mind:
- To maintain, store and develop the collection of unique utility vehicles on a responsible manner and to protect for the current and future generations as best as possible the placement of the collection in the cultural and historical context of Westland
- To store the development of the transport company Staalduinen in Westland throughout the years
- To exhibit the collection to a broad and diverse audience for a small entry fee

The collection of utility vehicles shows the development of transport in the Westland’s most important company sector, the horticulture. The horticulture in Westland forms the source of the horticulture as we encounter on a global scale today. Every type of transport needs his own specific equipment, as is demonstrated in the museum in an easy accessible, educative and professional way.
The collection shows a shift in the course of time from the transport of agricultural products to the transport of fertilizers. Also, from the transport of fuel oil (for greenhouses) to the transport of oil for the generation of sustainable energy.
Because of her connection to the transport company Staalduinen Logistics the museum contains a large collection of utility vehicles which were used for different types of transport in the past. The museum exhibits several Scania trucks and a collection of Opel Blitz trucks.

The beginning
After 1985 Dirk van Staalduinen, the technician of the two brothers, started the restoration of the Dodge trucks. Hereafter, several Scania’s and Opel Blitz trucks were restored. After years of devoted work, Dirk restored the utility vehicles in a perfect condition. The whole collection is exhibited at one location at the Derde Hoeve in Maasdijk.  Besides an old fuel oil truck, also the first truck to transport lubricating oil and fertilizers is exhibited and of course also trucks in a later stage of the company’s development. 

Expansion of the collection
The museum is often supplemented with unique trucks that are no longer needed for transport. Flags, posters, cans and other commercial material, which are often spotted by our drivers and brought to the museum, also regularly complement our collection. The Old-timer Museum therefore sketches a perfect image of the history and development of the transport sector and the company throughout the years. By maintaining the restored utility vehicles and adding new trucks to our collection, we pursue the most important goal of the museum “to register the development of the company and to store the collection for future generations”.

During regular openings we invite the public to come and see our beautiful collection. Are you interested in restored Old-timers, the history of Staalduinen or the developments of transport in Westland? We highly recommend you to visit our Old-timer Museum!